Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Sophie: a love story

The 100th anniversary of World War I is bringing attention to the lives of the original victims, whose assasination started the war.

 TeaAtTrianon links to several articles on Sophie, the wife who was killed.

more at the CrossOfLaekenblog:

Professor Bob has a couple of podcasts about the marriage and what happened to their kids. Check his archives.

What Happened to the Archduke's Kids -mp3
Length 6:45 Created: 06/29/14
Assassination at Sarajevo -mp3
Length 15:01 Created: 06/28/14
Morganatic Marriage -mp3
Length 7:50 Created: 06/28/14

And StrategyPage is planning podcasts on the war and it's effect on today's news:

The World War I Leftover Problem Called Iraq - 6/29/2014
Jim and Austin give us a critical view of the problems in Iraq tracing them back to World War I. And they have no good news for the future.
MP3 Download

Guess Who Is Coming To War: World War I Was A Family Affair? - 6/12/2014
Austin and Al set the table for the beginning of World War I by discussing the political actors and some of their strange entanglements.
MP3 Download

Deep Background On World War I - 2/23/2014
Al and Austin give us the background on the lead up to World War I.
MP3 Download

Professor Mgt MacMillian has a new book out on the start of WWII (I have her earlier excellent book on Versailles).

She gives a lecture on it HERE.

I should note that I haven't listened to all of these things.

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