Sunday, August 10, 2014

Family news

the big meeting/inspection on Friday went well.

Usually we cook for our own parties, but this time we got it catered: traditional Pinoy food but no lechon since it was a small meeting.

We ate the left over pancit etc. and got mild diarrhea on Saturday morning. I figure it was because the food was merienda (eaten at 3 pm) and we ate at 6, without refrigerating the leftovers. This is what happens with staph food poisoning, and the longer it sits out, the worse the symptoms. Alas, we had packed up all the leftovers to take to the farm on Saturday, and they weren't put into the refrigerator until 7 pm, meaning they probably would be a problem if eaten, so we had to throw out all that lovely food. Sigh.

Two of the white dogs look pregnant already (two weeks after they were in heat?) and the third one doesn't, but she never looks fat. Sigh. Hope they carry the puppies to term. Last time, they were so infected with ticks (and anemic) they miscarried all at the same time. I have since treated them with Frontline for three months, (money money money) and the staff now is here long enough for the dogs to give them a bath without biting, so they are tick free.

The black cat almost mauled by the killer lab George is okay: He came back to eat.

It is again hot, and my cracked rib is aching so I didn't go to church. I even missed the barangay fiesta yesterday (St. Lawrence). Oh well.

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