Thursday, August 28, 2014

Rewrite the history books

Smithsonian suggests: The Kennewick man is probably related to Japan's "hairy" Ainu ethnic group.

headsup Instapundit

And the Navajo and Tinglit languages suggests that they have connections with a language in central Siberia.

Their migration to New Mexico was later than other native American tribal groups, and the Tinglit are not related to the Inuit.

and are the Hopi related to those living in Tibet?

Although both groups are mystical, I suspect this observation might be related to the New Age fascination with hopi/mayan/tibet being "spiritual" like them, never mind that Tibet is Buddhist, and most Pueblo are Catholic, and many Mayans are born again Christians, thanks to their rejection of "liberation theology" that got a lot of them killed...

this is similar to claims of early settlers that Native American tribes understood Welsh, or Hebrew.

The irony of all of this is that it misses the real story. Read the book 1491, or books about the real history of the Americas. For all the talk of Incans, and Aztecs being highly civilized, the dirty little secret is that both groups were late comers who conquered earlier empires (which is why it was so easy for the Spanish to conquer them: Lots of locals didn't like the usurpers. Indeed, if it wasn't for smallpox//hepatitis/influenza and other diseases accidentally introduced into the Americas, probably the locals would have thrown out the Europeans too.

And I say accidental, because the Spanish conquistadors were too dumb to spread germ warfare. The "smallpox blankets" were a much later, British idea...

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