Sunday, August 31, 2014

Science stuff around the web

The Nose knows the bee's knees...

using nose cartilege stem cells to fix knees.


anti depressants for post op pain?

I used them for chronic pain, telling my patients who insisted they weren't depressed that it might not stop the pain but it increased their pain threshold.

Of course, now they can smoke pot and not care that they are hurting. But the long halflife and sedative side effects suggest prozac might be a better way to go.

TYWKIDBI reports Professor Feynman's lectures are on line.

it seems to be the text version: some of his lectures are on youtube however. try here or google his name for more.

Feynman's search for TUVA was a pbs special that first alerted me to his ability to communicate; later I read his autobiography and even later he became famous for showing reporters in two seconds why the "o rings" of the spaceshuttle failed.

and the Tuvan people are genetically linked to the Navajo and other dene peoples.


and via TYWKIWDBI:

Bug photo of the day

Image (credit June Aubrey Young) via the QI elves'Twitter feed.

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