Tuesday, August 19, 2014

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Parenting tips from Special ops school ...s
Notes about Empire magazine article on the Hobbit 3


no, I'm not writing about the latest crime of the century. All the right wing blogs have been full of worry about the militarization of the police for at least a year. I mean, shooting a jaywalker when he tries to head butt you? No billy club or taser available?

  but the presence of the usual suspects make me think that a lot of this is being stoked to get out the vote in November. So the president should be ashamed of his minions, but won't be...

Teen agers can be influenced by film and media to hate and verbally or physically abuse the cops trying to keep the peace and the result is the death of the kid. I remember how once my kid was pulled over for speeding, but the kid with him urged him to go faster and not get a ticket. Luckily he ignored his friend, since this could have resulted in two dead kids from an accident...


LATimes reports that Syria's WMD are destroyed.

good news (if true).


If you are into Malachy Martin/Art Bell type stuff, this might sound familiar.
headsup from LesFemmes.

But as a doc, voices in the head are more probably psychosis, perhaps from too much cocaine etc.

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