Wednesday, August 20, 2014

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I ran across a new blog: Waiting for Godot to leave

lots of Flannery O'Connor and sarcasm against the trends in goody two shoes Catholicism etc. and how these good folk ignore reality.

best description is this Key quote by O'Connor: They're good but they're not right.


update: not all Christians are hypocrites, as the PC atheists try to imply. Some actually walk the walk. GetReligion has a story about a girl who almost  was made dead died, but is now adopted into a family in Boston

if the story sounds familiar, it's probably because you read Dean Koontz' recent best seller, which has  a similar story as a subplot....


Downton Abbey season five starts in the UK in Sept but on PBS early next year. Can't wait.

I just spotted an add for Fargo on a local station, so we tend to be a couple months or a year behind the BBC and US.

Chano and Joy are spending a lot of time at the farm trying to get certified as organic growers.

One problem: lots of weeds from neighboring fields, meaning more controlled flooding and tilling to kill weeds without using chemicals.

Of course, this increases the methane/greenhouse gas emission, but that's not yet a major problem here.


Science headline of the day comes from MomJones:

Should We Regulate Poop As a Drug?

this is about a nasty type of diarrhea caused by too many antibiotics, and a germ called C Difficile takes over. It can weaken those already who are weak from end stage diabetes or cancer.

The treatment is to kill the bacteria (e.g. metronidazole) but it tends to come back after the next course of antibiotics, so someone got the idea to give a poop enema to replace "good germs" into the bowel.


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