Sunday, August 24, 2014

The weak shall inherit nothing

It's not just in the Middle East where Obama is ignored and laughed at.

The headlines noted that the Chinese plane buzzed a US plane today, but the real story is that they are claiming territory of the Philippines (and Viet Nam, and Japan, and India).

Strategy Page article here.

and don't dare write against them. I got blitzed after one article by Chinese trolls saying that there was evidence of stone age Chinese tools on the small islands. By that definition, Norway owns Canada...and ignore the history of Chinese once owning Viet Nam...

and yesterday (no link) there was an article that the Chinese guaranteed they won't try to grab Mongolia.

The real loser here is actually Russia: If the Chinese aggression isn't stopped, they will try to grab Siberia.


The headline in today's Manila Bulletin is about our peacekeepers returning from Liberia, and there is some worry they will bring Ebola back with them.

Not to mention the danger of it coming here if one of our nurses/doctors comes in contact with it and brings it home.

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