Monday, August 11, 2014

You know that the NYTimes might be biased and publishing nonsense

 When comic writer Dave Barry fisks an article about Miami that the editors there thought was good enough to publish.
The New York Times published this amazing essay by a woman named Pamela Druckerman, who used to live in Miami (she now lives in Paris) and came back to visit for a couple of weeks, then wrote about it. Here's one of the amazing paragraphs:
 Most locals also don’t seem bothered that Miami is one of America’s most unequal cities, with lots of very poor people living close to rich ones. Miami’s have-nots are easy to ignore, since — if they’re not cleaning your house or parking your car — you just drive past them. 
 Isn't that amazing? She's here two weeks and she knows how "most locals" feel about income inequality! I've lived here almost thirty years, and I'd never claim to know that. 

It's about ridiculing the natives, as Dave Barry points out, quoting this egregious statement.

Miami may one day be the city for normal-looking people with semi-intellectual aspirations and a mild social conscience. But it’s not there yet. 

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Yes, the people of Miami aren't "normal looking people". Why?
A lot of folks in Miami tend to be Hispanics, mainly Cuban Americans, Puerto Rican, Dominican, Nicaraguans and Colombian Americans..

 You thought that ridiculing Hispanics was taboo? Not if you are a NYTimes writer or editor.

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