Monday, September 15, 2014

another day, another typhoon

So we got hit by the edge of a typhoon: signal two here because it hit north of here. The streets are flooded, and our roof leaked via the skylight ventilation holes all over our living/dining area. It's okay, because we no longer have a rug there, and the concrete tiled floor is easy to clean up. The gutters draining the roof also overflowed so we had a minor flood in our room, which filled only three towels (it has hardwood floors). The streets are full of water, but our house is on high ground so it's okay. Joy was going to get some papers for Lolo to verify he is alive, so he can get his Philippine veterans pension, but the streets are flooded so it will have to wait. Tuesday she has deliveries in Manila and will go to the doctor with her sister, maybe. Manila didn't get hit as badly as we did, but today we worry about the irrigation dams and the water from upstream causing flooding on top of our mild flooding.

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