Monday, September 29, 2014

blond bimbo alert

heh. The Diplomad is not impressed.

Elizabeth McCord, has perfected the mouth-breathing stunned ox look. She plays the whole episode looking like, well, an ox gasping for air after being hit in the head by a defective stun gun. She is a "brilliant" ex-CIA analyst, who left the Agency on "principle" to become a "brilliant" University professor, and is recruited by the President, played by Keith Carradine, to become his new SecState
presumably they should have casted the lady with someone who is aging but graceful and intelligent looking, someone like Helen Mirren or Angela Lansbury...

 so tell us why the new TV show about a female secretary of  state shows a blond bimbo who is a ringer for Hillary?

does Hollywood think only blond bimbos should be cast as experts? Men can be 50 years old and greying, but only 30 something bimbos are cast for professionals and experts.

or better yet?

Why not cast an attractive black female as secretary of state?

Nah. That could never happen. Too much prejudice in Hollywood to try such a creative casting decision.

And no, we don't have the show here in Asia (yet).

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