Saturday, September 27, 2014

Family news

Lolo had the stomach flu all night. I had been vomiting but not sick, and Ruby had felt a bit sick too. We think it was the KrispyKreme donuts, since the timeline suggested it in each of us.(Ruby had them for breakfast, and we had them for lunch, and Lolo ate three at supper, but I didn't eat any later).

They were in the car from Manila so probably from being left out. Most food here is full of preservatives to prevent food poisoning, but I guess KrispyKreme uses more organic ingredients.

Today we are all feeling better...
The handiman is fixing stuff in the house, like broken windows, leaking gutters, and faucets/toilets that leak. Hopefully this will stop the toilet overflow in the bathroom and the dripping water down the windows every time it rains.

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