Wednesday, September 17, 2014

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A great scroll illustration of the Hobbit 3

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The pope marries some people, including those who are living together, not in a trial marriage but as a common law marriage, and a person who was divorced but had an annulment.

So what's to report? Even that simple action is twisted by the so called MSM.


a discussion of dress codes in schools. link2

puritanism, or emphsizing "dress for success"?

given this photo of a girl in a tanktop, I suggest that she does need the fashion police, since her outfit is ugly and not becoming to makes her look fat and frumpy.

I should talk: I dress frumpy,mainly because it's hard to buy clothes that fit properly here... and even when I wear something well fitting and beautiful I look frumpy.

But when teenaged girls came in looking frumpy, it often meant poor self esteem, and I would advise them on dress and makeup. And get the boygs to use acne medicine.

Here in the Philippines, kids wear uniforms.


International law? We don't need no international law 

more here.

and Here.

We are the weakest link, and solidarity from Europe is worth a bucket of spit (to use Gardner's phrase).

another casualty of having a weak president in the USA.
and don't expect the environmentalists to notice the destruction of the reef ecosystems. They love China and Momjones believes every pro ecology talking point put out by that gov't. (ignore the riots against pollution)...

the WAGD post of the week (which I mentioned as a "headsup" yesterday)

Wired story on the up coming Ebola epidemic.

Given the number of Pinoy health care workers all over the world, we'll be on the front lines.

And don't forget: The Haj is coming..

I wonder why they are still taking sick folks to hospitals? When we had cholera, they treated all these patients in school rooms so that the hospital would be safe for non cholera patients. A similar plan was in place in 2001 for a possible Smallpox epidemic. Schools usually have running water, chairs (patients are put on the ground on mats) and are near villages, so you don't have to transport the patients far.

Which is why I laughed when I read of a "100 bed hospital" of tents being sent to Africa. WTF?

Of course, you could do what the Africans did in the olden days: Put sick patients in huts/houses on the outskirts of town, and bring food/water etc. to the doorways every day. If no one emerges in ten days, burn the huts and the dead folks inside. No nursing means a higher rate of death, but in the long run, fewer caregivers would catch the disease and spread it to others...

One reason for the Native American depopulation was that unlike Africans, they had little experience with epidemics, so tended to nurse their dying.

And, of course, this is why the black death killed most of the good priests/nuns/etc. who did the nursing in medieval days...


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