Friday, September 12, 2014

While you were sleeping

While the US press was busy doing their thing, ISIS and Putin weren't the only ones who noticed that the watchdog was asleep Podcast from strategypage HERE.

more essays about china here.

they note a lot of the bigshots are talking big, partly because they are isolated and don't understand other cultures, and partly because they would like to expand to a "Greater Middle Kingdom" and that would distract those complaining about lack of freedom, the financial bubble, pollution and corruption problems.

 China's grab of the tiny scholls in the west Philippine sea and elsewhere. has
been pretty well ignored by the west.

The latest is that first, they chain off the sea inside the small reefs and islets so the locals can't fish, and then start building on them by pouring concrete...and now they are planning to build towns or military bases there.

You'd think that the eco types would complain, but they are too left to notice anyone outside the west destroying the environment. I got lots of nasty feedback after noting on MomJones that their claims of green initiatives in China is based on Chinese government claims, and they lie. I mean, it's nice to claim they will push solar energy, but if you surf the net, you will notice pollution problems near the towns where they build them.

As for local scandals, I have fallen behind. Old leftie, retired Archbishop Cruz says it hasn't changed that much.

The concerned citizens are exasperated. So much public funds go to private pockets in the same way that so much private funds pay for so many public utilities – all of which are the incarnations of gross graft and corrupt practices. So many people suffering from want of food, shelter and clothing. So much taxes for so many things under so many reasons are paid from birth to death. So many heinous crimes committed day in and day out. So many men and women willing to expose the lives and limbs to danger just to earn a living overseas. So man women and girls become buy-and-sell materials. Marijuana, gambling, thievery have become part of life

yeah...another drug raid on a nearby house last week.

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