Friday, September 26, 2014

YUM! Hagfish slime

There was an episode on "dirty jobs" where the locals collected hagfish to sell to Korea, where they are a delicacy.

hagfish recipe.

Ah, but you can also use hagfish slime as a substitute for eggwhite. Hagfish slime recipe.

and there are other uses for these slimy creatures
including using their slime as filiments.
From PysOrg:

The slime's prodigious strength and even more remarkable fecundity has attacked the attention of several scientists now trying to replicate it in the lab. While scientists are just begining to understanding how the so-called gland thread cells (GTCs) that produce the slime might actually work, others are already seeking to commercialize the slime as a high performance fiber.
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however, before you look forward to a job removing slime from hagfish, the article notes that the scientists hope to put the slime making gene into a bacteria to produce the slime.

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