Friday, October 17, 2014


Lots of nonsense about Ebola.

It is NOT airborne. SARS was airborne, and people in the apartment building upwind from the patient got SARS. Smallpox is airborne, and in a German case, a patient whose room was upwind from the patient got infected.

But when people barf, pee, and get explosive diarrhea, caretakers and those who clean up are at risk.

Which is why the nurses are so upset: Not enough protective clothing, and they are often the ones in contact with the sheets etc.... Maybe they need plastic Burkhas...

But airborne? No. Instapundit notes:

THIS IS EITHER JUST GOOD LUCK, OR IT’S MORE SUBSTANTIVE GOOD NEWS: Dallas Ebola Conundrum: Duncan Family Members and Emergency Room Staff Not Ill. 

of course, the experts insist that maybe the incubation period is longer than stated...however, if the nurse caring for the dead Liberian is already symptomatic, and his family, who lived with him before he went to the hospital, is not, then one wonders if anyone knows anything.

one to 21 day incubation period officially, but some cases came down with the disease later...or were they merely infected from someone else? The real question is if asymptomatic patients can spread the disease.
And how many in Africa have antibodies against it, maybe from asymptomatic cases or infection by other ebola like viruses?

Again I will have to google, but I have a life so may not get around to it

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