Sunday, October 12, 2014

Family news

Lolo is okay. He finds it hard to walk far, but his mind is still clear.

Our older yellow cat died (kidney failure and old age). Sigh. However, the black feral cat, Pandera, is pregnant and looks like she is due any day now. And we have puppies upstairs: Six from Chloe and four from Angel. All of Angel's puppies are brown or black, suggesting she had an outside boyfriend to do the job.

There is a small youth service by a local pastor in our meeting room, singing praise songs. Its nice to have young folks see the joy in praising God.

But Ruby and Joy go to her cousin's pentecostal church, where Ruby is busy leading singing or praise dancing.

Me, I just go to church early to say hi to God and receive him in communion. I'm not big at religious stuff.

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