Monday, October 13, 2014

Family news

Lolo is okay.

Joy went to Manila with a delivery and a trade fair.

We are starting a harvest growing means too many weeds. Chano is looking for an organic way to get rid of them without hand weeding. He's in a foul mood due to his back ache...

I am still doing downloads for my new computer. Most but not all will be freeware.

What happened to Youtube? I usually download my "elevator music" from there (I brought about 50 albums with me that I ripped from CD's that I bought to mp3 and listen to but have been increasing my stash with downloads ripped from youtube)

Now I can't find a way to download them easily with my browser. I will have to look up html5 etc. In the meanwhile, some will download with my chinese Youku downloader, if I copy the 'share" address. But since the router is going on and off in the hot weather, it's slow to download anyway.

Oh, FYI: McAfree caught two viruses from CNET's download page, including one embedded in the Youku downloader. Luckily I found it elsewhere, but if you start getting viagra ads from my email, let me know.

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