Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Family news

Yesterday, we moved the puppies downstairs to the laundry/garage area.
And I bought 20 pounds of puppy food (which we will soak and feed them, but also feed it to the adult dogs mixed with rice).

We have nine surviving puppies: Angel lost two of her five puppies, probably because she is older, but this is good because Sophie had six, and is happy to let Angel share in feeding the kids.

They have just started eating: Here, usually the minute they start solid food, they get given away, but I usually try to keep them for at least another month, because they often die if given away too soon.

The problem? Well, the staff often takes them home behind our back, meaning that the people who were promised puppies often don't get any.

oh well. I'd like to keep one, but we still have too many dogs, so until PapaDog dies (he is about ten years old) we'll have to give them all away. Since we spend time cuddling them, usually the dogs are good natured...and we have no trouble finding them homes.

None of them appear to be "short" like Angel, so they all should be medium sized dogs.

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