Thursday, October 30, 2014

Family News

Sunday is All Saints day, when we remember the dead.

Here in the Philippines, it means that everyone takes off for a long weekend to go to their home villages and check the graves of their ancestors, cleaning them up from debris and decorating them with candles and flowers.

Usually the family stays for a picnic lunch, and there are plenty of vendors around with cold drinks, snacks, and toys for bored children to play with.

Since it is also hot, I suggested to Lolo that we go today. Tomorrow and Sunday will see so many people in the cemetary that we won't get near the gravesites of his mother and relatives, and indeed, usually the roads are blocked for cars. Last year, we got a tricycle to get Lolo inside, since he can't walk well, but since it's been either hot or thunderstorms, I suggested we go a day early so his son can drive the car right to the grave.

The main problem of going early is that the local kids will steal the flowers to sell to other visitors.

But I figure the dear departed won't mind, since it's the thought that counts,  especially since the cousins will bring more flowers etc. in the next two day.

Because of the heat, instead of eating at the grave, on the way home, we stopped at Luz for lunch, despite the fact we were a bit sweaty and grungy from the trip. Oh well...they know us.

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