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the WAGD post of the day: EBOLA!

The model developed by Galvani and colleagues projects as many as 170,996 total reported and unreported cases of the disease, representing 12% of the overall population of some 1.38 million people, and 90,122 deaths in Montserrado alone by December 15.... The study predicts that, at best, just over half as many cases (53,957) can be averted if the interventions are delayed to November 15. Had all of these measures been in place by October 15, the model calculates that 137,432 cases in Montserrado could have been avoided.

a good article on Ebola from the NewYorker


Remember all the hype that only embryonic stem cells would work

or maybe not:

stem cells from his nose helped paralyzed man walk.


From AnnAlthouse; blog:

"European Scientists Conclude That Distant Comet Smells Terrible.""The European Space Agency has posted a full rundown of the comet's BO on its website. The mix includes ammonia (NH3), hydrogen sulphide (H2S), formaldehyde (CH2O) and methanol (CH3OH)."

if you like Ebola (which is only spread via close contact with patients or their secretions) you'll love MERS, which has now spread to Turkey.

 The Saudi authorities have been faulted for having allowed MERS to proliferate, particularly in Jidda, Riyadh, the Saudi capital, and the holy city of Mecca, where pilgrims from the entire world converge for the annual hajj. Pilgrims are known to have spread the disease to Iran, Jordan and Algeria. The W.H.O. said that as of Friday, it had tallied 883 MERS cases worldwide, including at least 319 deaths. Most cases are in Saudi Arabia.
 Maybe they should quarantine anyone who is high risk, such as travelers from Saudi or those who had contact with camels. 


mapping the "murmurations" of starlings.


Gladiators were mostly vegetarians....

maybe because most of them were recruited from poor people, POW's or slaves...

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