Monday, October 20, 2014

Stuff around the net

Car as Power Plant


the X rated version of ancient Greek myths that you didn't learn about in High School.

and for the geek set, the latest Percy Jackson book, last of the series, is now available. Ruby has the series.

Spoiler: In this one, the ADHD geek Leo (not the son of Zeus or Percy) wins the day

NPR blames the fact that guys like wargames for the lack of women in tech, but in this discussion I agree it's this reason: The guys learned to type themselves so didn't need secretaries.

even medicine swelled up with women when it changed from hard science to touchy feely stuff and following flowcharts instead of encouraging independent thinking.


and strategyPage analyzes why women can do well in "combat" but that the muddy infantry carrying 100 pounds of supplies might put them at a disadvantage.


if you love Lego and the Hobbit, here is a two hour vodcast for you

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