Wednesday, October 22, 2014

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An Ebola Czar whose expertise is political spinning and no experience in medical matters.

Oh yes: And he thinks there are too many people in the world.

What could go wrong?

one side effect of all this is a distrust of institutions that bodes ill for the US

and we were told that sending home a sick person who had contact with ebola proved that Texas was a backward area of the country. Then what does that make of Virginia?

First hospital kept her in the ambulance for 20 minutes then sent her to a second hospital who used a checklist, not a blood test, to decide she was okay.

Later that day, it was determined that the patient who had been turned away from the Virginia Hospital Center not only did not have Ebola, but that she did not even need to be tested for Ebola.
not in the link, but apparently she hadn't visited an ebola area.

Headsup FR


Saudi Cleric claims Twitter is the source of all evil.


Joseph Pearce reveals that Shumacher was Catholic. 

FR link and discussion.

Actually, I knew that: Small is beautiful has links to Chesterton and the Catholic idea of subsidiarity, simply and keeping things as close to home as possible instead of letting the Leviathan nanny state do everything.


For later reading: Blessed Karl, who inherited an Austrian empire in the midst of WWI...

more HERE

Professor MacMillian's on the Versailles treaty includes a discussion on the devastation caused by the empire's collapse, although the nationalists view the episode as liberation.link2

what is past is prologue?

CT scans suggest that some ancient Pharaohs didn't have osteoarthritis, but ankylosing spondylitis.


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