Tuesday, October 28, 2014

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The latest school shooting was again in Indian country, like the one at Red Lake a couple of years ago.

Which brings to mind this: DWarren quotes Chaput's speech.

That word, “heartless,” is underused today. It raises the stakes on our idea of “feelings.” We have too many feelings, most of them fake. The genuine ones tend to be quite selfish. We “hurt” easily, we indulge, easily. Empathy and compassion are reduced to “feelings,” and our “concern” is to make the rich pay. The actual poor are subject to our feelings of irritation. When cornered, rhetorically, we may write a cheque, but it becomes a kind of blood money. Living as I do in Parkdale, I am conscious of the ignorance of one street for another, one house for another, one apartment to the apartment next door. I can understand it. I don’t want to know these people, either.
So that my heart breaks — I am “genuinely impressed” — when I see examples of personal outreach to the neighbours. Most often I see this in the form of one rather desperately poor person, spontaneously helping another. Such as offering him a cigarette. (The smuglies in government have made cigarettes expensive.) Such as “being there” when a man is fallen, and not just calling nine-one-one. Such as taking care of the crazies, hands on. Such as — and this is the most impressive thing I’ve seen — teaching a hopeless wretch the use of a rosary. Because that can change everything.
which reminds me of how many of our Native American neighbors took in relatives who needed a place to stay, or raised the children of relatives and friends who had drug problem.

Chaput's full speech about the family synod is here.

And someone took a quote out of context to demand he apologize.

so what else is new?

well, the pope explained that families were important but his statements didn't get much coverage.


Trig was not the first beloved child who had Down's syndrome.

Angel Unaware



I don't know if the link will work, but this is indeed the wife of cowboy Roy Rogers.


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