Monday, October 06, 2014

Uh Oh stories of the day

Jahi declared dead, mom takes her home against doctor's orders.

Jahi is now alive and showing signs of life.

heh. Death panals actually exist...if you're black.

but this article notes that the press isn't bringing up the race issue.

Another reason why a practitioner’s recommendations might not be accepted by minority patients is because of the damaged relationship between individuals in minority groups and the medical community.This is another perspective on the McMath case that seems to have been left out of articles yet is frequently discussed among bioethicists: the legacy of distrust and suspicion between the African-American community and medicine. Historical cases like the Tuskegee syphilis study along with eugenics and race-based medicine, which presumed that African-Americans were mentally and physically inferior to whites, have created a lasting sense of distrust of and alienation from medicine by many African-Americans.6 When interacting with African-American patients, medical practitioners cannot ignore that remnants of and current instances of racial disparities in health care affect the modern relationship between African-Americans and their caregivers.
it's not just the black community...we saw the same among the Chippewa, thanks to the RedLake strep study...

The Diplomad discusses China.

Yeah the press actually believes the Potemkin villages.

And wait til the banks in Hong kong go kaput.

10 000 murders a year..

but we have gun control!


Manila bulletin has an AFP article saying Pope launches a review of church teachings.

Kasper has been busy pushing his agènda in the press...but does not represent everyone. But the MSM is too busy pushing the agenda to notice the rest of us, or that it was Jesus who nixed divorce and stresses purity.

I was impresses that yesterday the pope quoting the gospel
 About the ungrateful servants taking over the vineyard...this could be interpreted as warning the pc NWO  types not to think they can just take over the church  i.e.God's vineyard?.

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