Monday, November 10, 2014

follow the money

Francis tries to clear out the Augean stables of the Vatican Bank/finances.

In truth, the Vatican’s history of financial scandal is only to a limited extent related to occasional acts of brazen corruption. More often, it’s a product of a culture in which all sorts of objectively suspect behaviors aren’t even seen as problematic — steering contracts to friends or relatives instead of abiding by a competitive bidding process, for instance, or not asking a monsignor where the wads of cash come from that he wants to park in his Vatican bank account.
Hmm...sounds like the Philippines.

The culture of the third world is similar to that described in the article, so blame Italy, not religion.

Of course, sometimes this is an advantage: There are rumors that the Vatican kept Solidarity alive during the early 1980's, ultimately causing the fall of communism. Where did that money come from? Catholic donations? The Mafia? The CIA? The diocese of Chicago's missing funds?

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