Friday, November 07, 2014

Podcasts of the week

Mythgard's latest book discussion is about Watership Down.


InOurTime podcast this week is about Hatsheput

A feminist icon, but the bad news is that, unlike other female Pharaohs, she stole the throne from her stepson, first legally as regent but even later when he was of age. The good news is that she didn't kill him, but this might be because he joined the army to stay far away from her.

Was she as beloved as the feminists claim? One has to take the official reports dubiously (Egyptians tend to report only good news, and then later erase their enemies, which is what happened to her history).

There is a famous X rated graffiti that suggests the common people weren't buying her self proclaimed story of greatness even during her lifetime...


The trailer for Hobbit 3 is up, and it looks like a bummer. Not as good as the first teaser trailer....


but Hunger games is the other movie we are waiting for.

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