Thursday, November 13, 2014

Stories behind the headlines

StrategyPage has another report on the background why radical Muslim terrorism against other Muslims and non Muslims.

so why is the story ignored in the west?

 Christians in countries with Moslem majorities, or large minorities, are having a difficult time getting the rest of the world to recognize that most (as in about 80 percent) of the religious violence (not counting Islamic terrorism) in the world is carried out against Christians and most of the violence is committed by Moslems. This is because the Islamic world, while unable to do much in terms of economic, scientific, or cultural progress, or even govern themselves effectively, have proven quite adept at convincing leaders and media organizations in the West that Islam is not the aggressor and is actually the victim...
Currently, you find Moslems attacking Buddhists in Thailand, Jews everywhere, Baha'is in Iran, and Christians in Egypt, Iraq, the Philippines, Pakistan, Malaysia, and elsewhere. Islam does not discriminate when it comes to religious violence, and most Moslems killed because of religious violence are killed by fellow Moslems over religious differences within the Islamic community. Usually its Sunni extremists (like al Qaeda or ISIL) killing Shia (or any other sect that deviates from strict Sunni interpretations of Islamic law and religious customs). 

one of the subplots in Jenkin's book on "The Lost History of Christianity" is about not just the Jews and Christians and Buddhists flourishing under the Caliphate, but the periodic massacres and persecutions.

But the western elite are so busy pushing their theories of Christianity with a married Jesus that few bother to recognize these churches ever existed.


another untold story: in the Financial Times: The rise of Christianity in China.

The article is a good report on what is going on there, including pointing out the economic and political implications of this.
 read the whole thing.

Summary: actually Christianity has been there since the Syriac days 1300 years ago, and was revived when the Jesuits went there 400 years ago, but never mind: It's a big country.
The problem however isn't with the poor rural Christians of the past but because many new converts to Christianity are urban educated elites. And Protestant Christianity stresses individualism and human right.( Think Milton and the Puritans taking over England from a corrupt king and you can see the danger.) The protestant ethic against corruption and insistence on honesty also has huge implications, (not only in China but in places like the Philippines where the middle class is turning protestant, and in Korea.)

Jenkins covers the trend in his book The Next Christendom.

the bad news? The new leader in China Xi is behind a campaign to wipe them out.

Wonder if anyone told President Obama?


Did you read about the massacre of 40 students in Mexico?

AustinBay  has the background. 

There are two reasons the crisis could damage Pena's own ability to govern.
Reason no. 1: Atrocities far less hideous and institutionally debilitating than the Iguala Massacre have sparked mass revolt. This column's first sentence sketches reason no. 2: Mexican government corruption facilitates organized crime. Organized crime enriches a corrupt political class. Cartel gunmen and crooked cops on the streets, cartel comandantes and corrupt politicos through institutions ensnare the Mexican people.

The students, according to a NYTimes article in the Manila bulletin, went to a Maxist school and planned a protest, But as Bay points out, the government is run by the radical socialist party


The photo on the front of today's Manila Bulletin is about our nurses worrying about ebola.

Our peacekeepers arrived back from Liberia over the weekend, and have been put into a 21 day quarrantine, but some are worried.

we only have peacekeepers and OFW there: China has lots of investments there (and sent some medical help in the past few weeks).

so are they  worried?
like the US, they seem to be keeping reports of their possible infections out of the press.

Americans probably know most of their businesses are owned by outsiders, but they don't seem to be aware of how many Asians work in the troubled area. From Wikipedia: Most of the local businesses are run by those whose ancestors were Lebanese or India but the Chinese have arrived to work in agriculture. And a lot of workers are from nearby African countries.


Belmont club says the elites will coopt religion to push green ideas.

the marxist types in the Catholic church here already have switched to pushing the green agenda, including stopping US rice donations after one of our periodic disasters because the rice from the US might be GM rice. They also are pushing organic growing. We grow brown rice, so no problem, but the dirty little secret is that this is fine for the elites in Manila, but the local poor end up eating imported rice from vietnam and onions from China because we are not self sufficient.

update: AlJ reports US is getting friendlier with Iran.

I agree with this but unless the president starts making friends with both sides of the aisle in Congress, he will run into more trouble. And the Benghazi coverup, which was about hiding smuggling Ghadaffy's weapons to Syrian rebels via Turkey, hasn't helped matters, and with a Republican congress, the US MSM might actually notice what went on there.

update: MomJones points out how the ebola epidemic will cause famine.

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