Friday, December 26, 2014

Family news

Chano, Joy and Ruby went to Manila for rice delivery and a family gathering at Joy's sister's place.

Her sister is very sick with cancer: Keep her in your prayers.

Chano gave us a lot of pesos for the Christmas "visitors", which is everyone, mainly kids (not just the poor, but friends and relatives) who come for a "gift". Lolo usually sits there and does the greeting since he loves to give the kids a couple of pesos and make them happy, but he wasn't up to it this year, so our cook sat by the door and after she ran out of money, she chased folks away saying no one was home.

We went to Angie's for supper. BBQ, talapia, and various local dishes. Mainly family but also the hospital is across the street so the nurses etc. came over to eat on their breaks, and lots of kids, half of whom I don't know. Yes, Lolo went and enjoyed himself. One reason I kept him in bed most of the day was so he would have energy for the supper.

No church for me: I faint in hot crowded churches, but also because no one was at home except us and the cook, and we can't leave the place unattended.

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