Thursday, December 18, 2014

It was a COMEDY?!

I haven't been paying much attention to the Sony hacks but was aware that they came from North Korea in protest of a film being made about that communist state.
Well, AICN has a review of the film HERE (about half way down the page) and Nordling writes

All the issues going with Sony right now notwithstanding, I’d even go so far to call THE INTERVIEW a brave movie.  Sure, it’s a comedy full of....jokes, and Kim Jong Un (the tremendously great Randall Park) doesn’t get treated very well, but I loved that the real hero of THE INTERVIEW is real honest-to-goodness journalism.  It’s a stark reminder that in this world of celebrity news and fluff, we have to ask the tough questions of power, even if we agree with them or now. 
The whole kerfuffle essentially was a cyberwar that Hollywood lost (actually they surrendered), including that someone cancelled the proposed Steve Carrell film about that country.

So a twofer.

One wonders why Hollywood didn't just give some hackers money to mess up North Korea, or figure out a way to steal the money those guys have stolen and stashed in Asian bank accounts in Hong Kong etc.

NK has also attacked South Korea a few times in the past, but it got little publicity in the west.

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