Sunday, December 07, 2014

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StrategyPage article on medical innovations saving lives. And it includes the discovery that concussions/mild brain trauma can make it post traumatic stress syndrome worse. A quarter million vets suffer from this, and they are now recognizing it as a source of civilian disability.

Maybe we should go back to using the old term "Shell Shock"...

Ruby's textbook on ancient history/archeology includes the Indus civilization, which wasn't in textbooks 50 years ago.

That civilization fell about the time of the fall of the old empire in Egypt.

This article discusses various theories behind it's fall, climate change, economic changes, war, migration in and out, new crops, etc. Probably all of the above, and sounding ominiously similar to the Bronze age collapse a millenium later or the fall of Rome and China 1500 years after that.


And American raid to get a hostage held by terrorists ended up by his murder, but here in the Philippines, a Swiss birdwatcher held captive for 2 years managed to escape his captors despite being shot by them when the military raided his camp.

It's illegal to pay ransom here, since it enriches the terrorists and leads to more kidnappings and murders, but often it is paid by families, or by foreign governments.

 Superconductivity at room temperature?

For later reading.


Khoisan genome study... genetically they are not diverse, and not related to other groups. The question is why.

No intermarriage? Well, actually there is: But most seem to be evidence that women  married into other tribes...


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