Sunday, December 14, 2014

Stuff around the web

I think awhile back I linked to an article about how "zero" was first used in Cambodia.

Smithsonian magazine has a long article about it  HERE.


The UKMail has an article with lots of photos on Thorne's miniature models of rooms from all over the world.


YUM! Eels!

Tastes during the Middle Ages varied greatly from today’s tastes. Typical of what was pleasing to the medieval palate were: lamprey, eel, peacock, swan, partridge and other assorted small songbirds. Apart from perhaps eel, none of the above items feature in today’s culinary offerings. Dairy products were often perceived as the province of the peasant class. Sausages were seldom found on the tables of the wealthy. The reason for this? Sausages were preserved. Since the wealthy had ample access to fresh meats, they saw no need in eating something that was preserved. Although household account books indicate that fruits were consumed, they do not feature prominently in the cookbooks of the time.


Blame Global warming?

Floods in Rome and the plague in 589

Severe weather during Charlemagne's time. (800AD)


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