Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Family news

Lolo is getting weaker, so we plan to ask the priest to come over and give him the sacrament of the sick. He denies pain, and I did get him outside to sit in the sun yesterday afternoon. He tires easily after a small effort and goes back to bed. But he still reads the paper every day.

His son got angry because I arranged this with his wife without asking him. His son is acting out badly against his wife, who has her own health problems and a sister to mourn and a sister's family to help.

Me, I am "independently wealthy" (thank God and FDR for Social Security, which I get independently from my own job) and since I am guaranteed the small house even if my husband dies, I cannot be hurt or threatened, which annoys him greatly, since he has control of my husband's money and property but not the small house or my savings.

And it's worse than that, with a full midlife crisis behind this, something that happens in cycles. He got the cook hysterical yesterday after one incident and he blamed her for spilling the beans, and when he realized that we hired her, not him, he decided our chief driver/farmer was ratting on his activities and is threatening to fire him too.

hopefully, he will soon enter into his down phase of his (untreated) bipolar problem and things will settle down.

So excuse me for not blogging with all the family drama here.

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