Saturday, February 14, 2015

R rated valnetine's day Stuff

from medievalnet:

Rabbits and hares in ancient and medieval times

: Aristotle discussed the hare in Book 6 of his Historia Animalium and emphasized its great fertility. The Roman naturalist Pliny the Elder described hares living in the Alps in Book 8 of his Naturalis Historia, and also noted Archelaus’ remark that a hare allegedly receives a new anus every year. Pliny was also the first ancient writer to mention rabbits – cuniculi – which were abundant in Spain. Another Roman zoologist, Claudius Aelianus, mostly repeated Aristotle’s and Pliny’s descriptions in his De Natura Animalium.
the full article notes that the connotations of rabbits/hares in ancient literature is R rated so be warned.

and Caterina Sforza gives advice for ladies to restore their virginity.

and here is an article on sex in the Middle Ages.

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