Friday, February 27, 2015

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via Archeology: Analyzing the Duomo and the StJohn Baptistery using modern methods.

I couldn't find a film about the actual investigation, but this shows the mosaics inside the Baptistery.


via Incredible things:

Here are some pictures of cosplaying Guinea pigs by Twitter-er @chikuwa_kintoki. G-D it, they are adorable. Now before you get all judgy with the “Well, someone’s got a lot of time on their hands” type comments, keep in mind: yeah, this person’s got time, but they’ve clearly got talent too. Some people just got time!

Atlas Obscura has a story of how Philadelphia city planners tried to replace noisby cobblestones with quieter wooden blocks. Oh, things got quieter but then...

The blocks quickly began to soak up every bit of liquid that fell on them from rain to copious amounts of horse urine. In addition to expanding and warping into a bumpy mess, the roads became unbearably smelly (especially in the summer) as the pee-soaked blocks rotted and crumbled. The trend of wooden roads quickly fell out of favor, and by the time automobiles hit the scene, they were all but gone.However on the tight little 200 block of Camac Street, the wooden avenues remained. The area having developed into an artsy little enclave during the 20th century, the wooden roads were seen as a quaint oddity...


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