Saturday, February 28, 2015

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Bath Univ podcasts are back up...the latest is on the Cassini mission.

50 shades is not just "naughty", it's diabolic.

in California it's been celebrated openly for years without gov't interference....  and your kids will learn how in one of their Health textbooks.

alas, today's meme is: don't be so judgemental.

related item: BoingBoing reminds you: Don't forget to upgrade your acronyms.


CDC report on youth violence.
Most effective prevention approaches work by modifying individual-level (e.g., problem-solving, communication, anger management skills) or relationship-level (e.g., parental supervision, consistent discipline, and communication skills) factors. A growing body of research shows the prevention potential of approaches that modify community-level factors (e.g., physical environments, norms about violence).

RIP Leonard Nimoy, Sgt USAR...

most famous for playing Spock...


they were where they were supposed to be, and no one bothered to look for them...

timeline here.

Nat Geo is blaming the Ben Laden raid for putting polio vaccinations at risk.

They need to fact check: The Taliban and other radicals were killing docs and other health care workers for years before that happened.
Now it has gotten worse, thanks to clueless western press releases...and the propaganda by the anti vaxxers in the US and Europe.

Heck, even the Catholic bishops in Kenya are repeating the urban legend that tetanus vaccine has anti pregnancy chemicals in it...a rumor that I read about in the early 1990's here in the Philippines. (where the Depo Provera shots were being mixed up with the anti tetanus ones...)


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