Saturday, February 28, 2015

we support the PNP

 The war is back on in the southern Philippines.

and locals are fleeing the fighting. The MB says they fear "harassment" by the terrorists, an offshoot of MILF that uses the name BIFF.

(no, I'm not making up those names).

this will let the "human rights" folks lament the evil gov't did know, the same "human rights folks" who didn't notice that most of the 100000 refugees who were forced to flee Zamboanga  a couple years ago by Muslim terrorists were Christian (the city is majority Christian)...

the meme is:

The terrorists attack civilians, and the gov't tries to get them. The gov't is then condemned or told to work "with restraint". It is up to the gov't to "ease the tension" in the area.

Another meme: the military (or in this case, the cops) go after a major terrorist (in this case, an Indonesian bomb maker-- there have been several bombs attacks in the south lately, by unknown people). The local "militants" know the bad guy is there, but have kept mum about it. When the gov't tries to get him, the local "militants" cry foul and come out to kill the gov't ... in this case, the cops, resulting in 40 dead policemen.

Hello, people: This is why Obama is killing people with drones.

Yes, they might "kill civilians" (read hostages and/or family members) but at least you don't end up with dead good guys.

Alas, the left here is stopping these from being used because it means making the US the good guys, and they go out in force to protest any hint that the US is helping against the terrorists. (they are, of course, but it's kept low key).

and the local folks? well the cops aren't from the rich families, but middle class families.

It says a lot that yesterday I saw a local tricycle with a sticker saying "I support the Philippine Police" on it.

(The local cops are constantly being rotated in an out because of problems and are not usually trusted...)

But since we live in the north, we should be okay.

The main threat in our area, the NPA, has been weakened, but kidnap gangs still hit once in awhile. Most of the deaths are political, however, and the mayor is up for election next year...

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