Monday, March 09, 2015

Family news

Lolo's big 90th birthday party was last night.

lots of old friends and relatives came. He did well: Ate a lot and stayed for over two hours. He wanted to stay longer, but he started "drooping" and so we left after the tributes to him, but the party went on another 3 hours.

At 3 AM, I woke to turn off the dehumidifier/airconditioner and fell out of bed....and cut my head. I put the bandage on, and got a cup of coffee.

At 4 AM, the doorbell rang and the dogs began to bark. It was Robin's luggage from the airport. They must have come in on the next flight (i.e. in the evening) and they sent them here via the middle of the night bus. I had to wake her to get her receipt and then tipped the guy ten dollars, a bit high  but I didn't have change and I figured he deserved it because we are several hours from Manila which means he had been up much of the night.

At 7 am I went to the hospital and got 4 stitches.

It is now 8 am and Lolo slept through all the noise, and it's time to wake him for his breakfast...and Joy is cooking breakfast for the visiting family members.

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