Thursday, March 12, 2015

Science stories in the news

APOD: Vulcan de Fuego, in Guatamala:
Image Credit & Copyright: Diego Rizzo

 Lights near the town of Escuintla can be seen in the background, one of several nearby towns that have witnessed several spectacular eruptions previously. High above, seemingly tranquil by comparison, are familiar stars from the night sky.

AICN has an article on the science of StarTrek: Wrath of Khan..

well, they may have stretched things a bit, but copernicus notes the real value of the StarTrek series:

 I’ve been lucky enough to figure out some cool things about the way the universe works.  And I owe part of that to Mr. Leonard Nimoy, who was an inspiration to me.  Multiply that by millions and you start to see his impact.  Some of you are probably reading this on your pocket communicators.  It is conceivable that astronauts are reading it in space.  We’re all going where no one has gone before. 

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