Tuesday, April 07, 2015

PIcadillos? We haz that (R rated rant)

The "Jackie" case vs Univ VA has blown up, and it turns out either false or exaggerated.

The real sin of the reporter: She is too young to have read Freud, who after running into such cases which got worse with each telling, finally decided most of them were fantasy, not reality.

Can you say "witchhunt",children?

The problem? Most cases are hysterical confabulation or retelling from a different point of view (e.g.Rashomon), but some cases are real. I did a lot of sexual abuse examinations, and although half were false and most of the others were minor or date rape type abuse, a few cases were truly horrendous...

longer rant moved elsewhere, but when Oxford Univ Press publishes a book about the ACLU pushing sexual freedom because " Early ACLU leaders displayed sexualproclivities and outlooks outside the mainstream"one has to wonder if throwing out the old standards might not have been to protect innocent people as much as because some of them were sociopaths who wanted to seduce people without worrying about being prosecuted..

and now we have the pendulum swinging the other way...


as the African proverb goes: Even a small snake has a tooth.

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