Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Pseudo Science stuff

what does the anti Israel hysteria have in common with the climate change hysteria? link

. Both...are virtually guaranteed to lead to heated and – sadly, far too often incredibly ill-informed – diatribes emanating from those who appear to have swallowed hook, line and sinker whatever the latest and greatest UN-generated “let’s you and him fight” (about either issue) might be.
Both matters probably serve a useful purpose for the UN – and its ever-increasing army of bureaucrats – as distractions from their abysmal failure to deal with those matters that really do fall within the organization’s actual mandate.
yes, just ignore the 3 million dead in Central Africa, or the old kerfuffle in Bosnia, or the ISIS massacres...


Mammoth cloning using skin cells? Long report suggests it will allow basic research to clone humans, because it will use artificial wombs.

so why not use the wombs of elephants?

If  Artificial wombs are pretty speculative at this point, but the alternative–implanting the hybrids into the wombs of female elephants–is unsavory to animal rights activists
but of course, growing human embryos in artificial wombs would be no problem...Never let me go, anyone? brave new world, anyone?

the pseudoscience of the "food babe" blogger.



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