Monday, April 20, 2015

pseudoscience and other headlines below the fold

see previous post on pseudoscience

exposing pseudoastronomy site has a podcast on what to do when you are confronted with pseudoscience at a conference.


western guts have less biodiversity in their bowel bacteria.

yes and they probably have fewer worms there too.

on the other hand, when you confront a CDif diarrhea case after antibiotics, it's nice to know that a poop tranplant will help.

and here, yakult and yogurt are avertised for their live lactobacillus.

I tend toward yeast on antibiotics so take some daily when on antibiotics (like I am now, for my tooth).

using sheep as a model for insulin resistance in diabetes.


speaking of pseudoastronomy: I can now stream C2C on my tablet via a "talk radio" station.

ah the powers of technology.

There are also streaming for TV shows and movies, but like those I find on YouTube, the problem is that during the day, our internet is slow and so streaming goes on and off...

usually I stream music from various stations but will probably remove the apps since I rarely use them.

via Presurfer:

Movie Robots, ranked from good to evil.


if you pay docs more for seeing dementia patients, guess what? The number of folks diagnosed goes up.

yes...because who wants to diagnose early dementia when the meds to slow it down are lousy, and who wants to diagnose something we can't do anything about?

contraception pill shrinks the brain?

Why do I think this might be a biased subset of women?
well, the numbers were low:

Neuroscientists at UCLA examined the brains of 90 women, 44 of whom took the Pill, and 46 who experienced natural cycles.
and being a secondary report, a lot of questions are there that might have been discussed in the original article:
and what do you mean by "natural" cycles"? what, no one in either group had babies? did some take the pill to regulate cycles (suggesting a hypothalmus problem to begin with)? Since the pill is used more by poor women, did you check for IQ/poverty/ethnicity?

On the other hand, most women would prefer a slightly smaller brain to the alternative: 8 kids.

I am old enough to remember the "good old days"....

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