Saturday, April 04, 2015

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The Goldfish that ate Australia

(Source: Murdoch University Freshwater Fish Group and Fish Health Unit, Department of Fisheries)
YUM! Koi! Yes, you can eat them (which we do when we have an acute fish die off in the hot season...and from the koi's behavior, alas, it looks like we might have another one soon). They are a form of carp, and some don't like their taste...

and if you catch one, be versatile: Koi tacos anyone?


quick ladies: Team Poldark or Team Demelza?


No, I did not ignore Good Friday: just that routine "religious" stuff on the US blogosphere seems so out of touch with reality. Here in the Philippines, the identification of Christ's suffering with ours is strong because people know about suffering.

and no, I didn't attend church (even in the USA, I tend to faint in crowded churches). But I did visit Lolo's grave and light a candle.


Writer Brian Sibley posts the Dream of the Rood, a translation of an 8th century anglo saxon poem about the crucifixion.

and here is King's College Choir (Cambridge) singing a Bach anthem.


another day another typhoon.

we are signal one alert (mostly rain) since it is supposed to hit south of here tomorrow.

I don't know if it will affect Robin's flight home on Tuesday.

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