Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Stuff below the fold

Dustbury remember the OKC bombing.


Immigrants go to hell:


EU proposes saving drowning immigrants (because the TV cameras are on them) but locals are up in arms because the immigrants will steal their jobs.

in 2014 they cut back patrols but now the Italians, who are doing much of the rescue work, are pressuring them to increase patrols.


Xenophobia in South Africa


Lake Baikal worries.


Gizmodo: worst of modern architecture...the good news is that they are now endangered...

heh. the blocky concrete buildings are called "Brutalism"...not because they are brutal but because that is French for concrete.

this reminds me of Tom Wolfe's Bauhaus to our house: where a city proposed to refurbish crumbling public housing apartment blocks, and the audience started chanting: tear them down...


ugly buildings don't have to be made that way:

Atlas Obscura has a link about a Swiss defense fortress that looks like a cute suburban villa:

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