Sunday, May 24, 2015

Blow Gabriel Blow

DavidReneke's spaceblog has an article about people hearing loud trumpets in the sky, and then explores both the cultural interpretations of this and the possible scientific explanations for this.

I'm sure that there is a scientific explanation for this (just like there is a scientific explanation for the January 1938 "Fatima" solar flare/aurora borealis ).Doesn't mean it isn't God trying to wake us up, but to paraphrase the tart tongued Jesus: if they don't bother to listen to the law and the prophets, why should they pay attention to solar phenomena?

Most of the reports about this are on "Coast to Coast" or other similar sites (here is one in the UKMail), right next to reports of BigFoot, UFO's, and the NWO conspiracies. All of these are explained better by Jung than science. But one can find ancient equivalents in tales, legends, and history. (Alien abductions=kidnapped by elves; UFOs=angels/gods in the sky; BigFoot=Grendel, Atlantis=Thera, and Psalm 46 and several other psalms describes earthquakes/volcanic eruptions or tidal waves that did occur in ancient times and were probably still remembered).

so what about the trumpets?

Have people heard such sounds in the past? If so, has it been associated with solar flares or earthquakes or volcanic activity etc. in the past?

Most of the images in the Apocalypse were remembrances of tsunamis/famines/wars/earthquakes/volcanic eruptions etc. So undoubtedly Gabriel's horn has been heard in the past too, if we search the literature. And if such things happened in the past, it might hint what is the real cause of this phenomenon.

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