Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Chappie part three

 since Descarte, a man has become a ghost (soul) in a machine (Body) but ancients saw a threefold part of a person: the body, the soul, and the psyche/personality.
In Chappie, the brain programming was transferred into a robot, but was it the soul or the psyche only?

which brings us to the question of Lady Panc Asash: if you move the personality into a machine, is it you? or does your soul go elsewhere, so you are elsewhere?

This is like arguing how many angels dance on the top of a pin...or is it?

From the UKTelegraph:
Humans will become god like cyborgs within 200 years

ironically, although this appears to be only a new technological fix to sickness and death, as Wesley Smith points out, it is actually a religious question, and notes how these transhumanists don't posit it as the healing work of compassion for the handicapped (which Christians would say as doing the work of God to help the suffering) but as a new religion that rejects god and sees man as now being a god like being in complete control of his life.

Indeed, as the UKTelegraph article admits: The rich and powerful will use modern technology to evolve into a "godlike" being, and ordinary folks will be considered inferior "and will die out".

Hmm....sounds familiar, doesn't it Adolf....

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