Saturday, May 02, 2015

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the Ten top Superheroes of the Middle ages.

Yup. The Green Knight is there, as is Roland, Siegfried, and...St Francis?

Superpowers: Stigmata, Levitation, Talking with animals - the 13th century saint Francis of Assisi...


Poets of World War I: Sasoon, Owen, and... Jesse Pope?

"Many candidates have harsh words for generals. But the sins of the top brass fade into insignificance besides those of Jessie."Before the war, Pope was a popular writer of light verse, praised by London's Evening Standard for her "nimble wit" and "shrewd observation of life". When war started, she became a vehement supporter. Her verses encouraged young men to sign up, women to buck up and everyone to pull together.


The Wave that swept the world

how Hokusai's art influenced western artists.


the girl who changed history. No, not Joan of Arc, but Catherine of Sienna.

Were nothing holy allowed to her ... she must still be admired for having, often single-handedly, by the boldest imaginable acts of persuasion, on the basis of no formal authority or title, achieved astounding things.
These would include healing the Great Schism of the fourteenth century; bringing the papacy from exile in Avignon home to Rome (with Europe-wide ramifications); negotiating peace between warring Italian states; quelling insurrections; reforming the incorrigible; and turning the whole worldly activity of the Church once again healthily outward — back on mission and crusade, after a period of institutional self-immolation almost as shameful to recount as our own times.

and the really important headline of the day:

No blackouts tomorrow, Meralco assures Pacman fans

the country will shut down to watch the fight tomorrow, and the churches will cut short sermons and services so the men can go home and watch it.

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