Friday, June 26, 2015

Factoid of the day

In LOTR, the Palantir was a way to spy on what was happening.

Palantir is a type of software used in data analysis. And it's better than what was designed by the tech masters in the military, so StratPage say the troops prefer it to the gov't version but the beancounters in Washington are trying to stop them from using it.

Troops in combat zones and especially SOCOM prefer to use an intelligence database management system called Palantir....
the U.S. Air Force developed a data mining and analysis system that, when adapted for army use (as DCGS), turned out to be more expensive and less effective than commercial products (like Palantir). A 2012 government investigation reported the problems in great detail. But senior army commanders and Department of Defense procurement bureaucrats continued to block the use of commercial products the troops preferred. For nearly a year now SOCOM (Special Operations Command) troops have been complaining that a superior system (Palantir) they have been using since 2009 is becoming more difficult to obtain because of more aggressive interference from the procurement bureaucracy  

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