Monday, June 15, 2015

Family news

Brownout again yesterday afternoon...the lights on the business side of the house compound went on at 7 pm, but the lights on the old house did not. (The older parts of the house get their electricity from the western connection, and the shops and houses on that side are running generators so that line hasn't been repaired yet) But when our handyman came in to pick up stuff for the farm, I had him connect the wires so now I am comfortable.

So no aircon last night. Luckily it was not too hot.

This morning, I gave my dogs a bath...the black one never was allowed on the bed, but when Lolo was sick, she started sneaking to sleep next to him when I wasn't in the room. So now she thinks it's her bed. Lolo also was the one who bathed our dogs, until about six months ago when he got too sick for this. Not a pleasant job.

The difference? He used the heated water in our bathroom shower, and I just used the garden hose outside.

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