Thursday, June 25, 2015

flags and sports teams and forgiveness, oh my

Medical marijuana doesn't work very well in the studies that have been done and needs more studies before doctors order it.

But I suspect it makes you high, so you don't care if you hurt. Whether or not it helps you to live a normal life is another question: You can live and work taking narcotics at a level that takes away pain but not so much that makes you high. Is this true for marijuana? Not enough studies to know.

Pain relief is not the same as the drug seeking behavior of druggies, whose entire life revolves around getting high. Give a patient in pain some methadone and he will be able to function normally. Give a druggie some, and he will sell it to get a stronger drug to get high.

there is a good argument that a lot of the propaganda push to legalize pot comes from a few millionaires, who fund organizations, whose ultimate aim is to legalize all drugs, yet no one asks why.

Dirty little secret: keeping the Irish (and the Native American) drunk helped keep both these people from throwing out those who wanted to take over their land.


Related item: I am reading a biography of Mother Drexel, who once tried peyote to understand the culture of her native American students. She said it was bitter and the ceremony reminded her of receiving communion. This comment suggests she attended a ceremony, since the ceremonial use of Peyote was not to get high but to help heal and reconcile people with their families and people.

Of course, this was decades before hippies started pushing peyote for egotistical reasons, which had little in common with the traditional uses.

Our tribal council in Oklahoma had a mural of those who helped the tribe, and it included Mother Drexel and another (local) nun who had started schools to train local students.

The modern "multiculturalists" decry such schools for "destroying culture", which I find amusing, since this is the reasoning behind apartheid...and culture changes anyway.

and Mother Drexel also had her sisters educate southern Black students in a time when there were few decent schools. At one time, a large percentage of black teachers in Louisiana were educated at her college.

What America has always done is incorporate outsiders, in th same way that ancient Rome allowed non Romans to become citizens.

So those pc multiculturalists arguing that Jindal is not Asian "Indian" also means that Maria Tallchief is not an Oklahoma "Indian".

those who insist that children learn only their own culture sound very much like those in South Africa's days of old, who argued against missionaries training African children to become "europeans" and who saw apartheid as the way to let Africans live in their traditional culture.

So what's taking them so long? I mean my great grand uncle fought in the Civil war, and they are finally trying to ban the flag of those he fought against?

 The rush to ban the Confederate flag is one thing, but to ban "Gone with the Wind" is another thing.
Rewriting the past is dangerous. The "reply" to GWTW is Roots. And that is how it should be.

And should we remove the names of Confederate Generals from military bases? Fort AP Hill, anyone? Ah, but how far should that go?

That is like removing Native American names from sports teams (which use these names to honor their fighting spirit).
I wonder if they know that both Spartans and Vikings were slave holders, and Celtic tribes practiced human sacrifice....

but if you are going to ban things, why ignore recent history? Che of teeshirt fame was a murderer, the USSR and Mao killed more than the Nazis, yet they remain politically correct and few movies discuss their victims.

I had Ruby read "Animal farm" to teach her about propaganda and communism.


No, I am not commenting on Charleston because due to brownouts I haven't been following what is going on there.

I should note that I had worked at a place where a teenager shot up and killed many at his school. He was immersed in white supremacist and Nazi hate sites on the Internet. Ah, but he and his victims were Native American....and he was full of hatred because of terrible family problems/abuse.

The hatred starts with the family and a few lost souls, many of whom are slipping into psychosis, find hate groups that let them focus who to project their hatred on.

And those who note all these killers are on psychiatric drugs seem to ignore the real reason: they are mentally ill. In the past, their delusions would have put them into hospitals. Now they are given a shot of Haldol and some prozac and sent home.

GetReligionBlog notes that the people in Charleston's answer to racial hatred is forgiveness and reconciliation.

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