Friday, June 05, 2015

Stories below the fold

I don't know about Obama's trade pack, but like the health care bill it is a major secret. Silly me. I thought democracies encouraged ordinary folks to have input into such things.

they even keep track of what you are googling.

But Wikileaks to the rescue. Presumably you can find it at the UK Guardian or via the pirate bay, if it's on line...

don't ask me: I'm a doctor, not a macro economist.


will immigrants without papers cause a new TB epidemic?
CDC report of mass screening after a high school student tested positive and infected several others.

I don't know the protocol now, but when I adopted my young teen sons in the 1980's, the oldest, who was 14, was given an x ray for TB. And 50 years ago, we had TB skin testing before we went to college.

But of course, those entering without papers will never get such screening. And in these days of multi drug resistant TB, this is a problem.

Congress should know this because a famous outbreak was in their cafeteria when one of the workers there spread TB to a half dozen congressional staff.

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